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MoU signed within South East Transport Axis project

setaA memorandum of understanding, whereby the participants in the South East Transport Axis (SETA) project commit to creating prerequisites for an efficient and competitive rail link between central Europe and northern Adriatic ports, was signed in Rijeka.
Rijeka also hosted a final two-day workshop on the project, which resulted from the need for a transport link between Europe’s north and south through a corridor between the Baltic and the Adriatic. Options have been found for a part of the corridor, from northern Adriatic ports, notably Rijeka, Croatia, through Zagreb and western Hungary, to a transloading hub in central Europe between Vienna and Bratislava.
The memorandum was signed by representatives of Rijeka’s city government, the regional governments of Burgenland and Lower Austria, the Austrian Transport, Innovation and Technology Ministry, the Slovakian Transport, Construction and Regional Development Ministry, the Gyor-Sopron-Ebenfurti rail corporation, the Slovenian port Koper, the West Transdanubian Regional Development Agency from Sopron, the Italian municipality of Monfalcone, and the Croatian Academy of Engineering.
A separate memorandum on the development of passenger transport to Vienna were signed by representatives of Croatian Railways Passenger Transport, Raaberbahn’s Vienna branch and Hungarian Railways.
Eleven partners are participating in the SETA project from Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia, with observers from the Czech Republic and Germany.
Source*dalej.com ; photo SETA

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