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Network Rail places order for ROBEL Mobile Maintenance Systems

ROBEL will build eight Mobile Maintenance Systems 69.70/4 for Network Rail Ltd. Following delivery from July 2015 onwards, this safe and efficient concept will be deployed on five of Network Rail’s Routes.

With the three combined units of the (Mobile Maintenance Unit) 69.60 MMU, the (Intermediate Wagon ) 69.45 IW and the (Traction and Supply Unit) 69.40 TSU, ROBEL will help to facilitate Network Rail’s vision of a safe, reliable and efficient railway infrastructure. The aim of the system is to create a safe and mobile work space for staff, both during the transport of material and equipment to and from the worksite and during maintenance work on the track. Network Rail Ltd. will use the system mainly for the following tasks: replacement of closure rails (max. rail length 13.72 m), rail pads and connecting fishplates as well as maintenance and inspection of switches.

converted PNM fileThe Mobile Maintenance System MMS consists of the Traction and Supply Unit 69.40/4-UK, the Intermediate Wagon 69.45/4-UK and the Mobile Maintenance Unit 69.60/4-UK. The powerful Traction and Supply Unit (TSU) houses a workshop which can be used for carrying out repair and maintenance work. In addition, it has an integrated recreation room with kitchen and welfare facilities. The Intermediate Wagon (IW) has a loading capacity of 38 m²/20 t for transporting all the required material, equipment and machines to the worksite. Loading and unloading is made quick and easy with the loading platforms installed on both sides of the vehicle. The transport of machines and material between units is facilitated by a high-performance crane with a lifting force of up to 2 t per module. All the tasks for repair and maintenance of the track and switch systems are carried out inside the 69.60/4-UK Mobile Maintenance Unit MMU (length: 68 m). The machines used within this are supplied with electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic power by the traction and supply unit and thus work with zero emission and low noise. The hydraulically adjustable side walls can be extended laterally which increases the work space by up to 600 mm on each side. This protective cover consists of two side parts with integrated sun blinds which, when closed, offer protection from the effects of the weather. They also serve as a glare shield to the adjacent track during night time operations. When open, they provide natural light and ventilation. The driver’s cab, equipped with cameras for a good view of the outside and working areas, allows travel in both directions. The whole system is a mobile work space that offers protection and comfort for the staff and optimum supply of material. The workers remain inside the MMS throughout the work shift and thus can perform their work safely, quickly and efficiently.

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