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Minsk-Moscow-Astana-Almaty high-speed railway line proposed

President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, proposed the construction of Minsk-Moscow-Astana-Almaty high-speed line. “The territory of the Eurasian Economic Union has to take a leading position in continental and Eurasian infrastructure. We need to implement a number of projects, for example create an integrated Eurasian telecommunication network, build a high speed railway line Minsk-Moscow-Astana-Almaty, modernize the existing highways and railways, especially those leading westwards to the European transportation systems and eastward to the Chinese transportation systems, and we also need to implement the Eurasia – Caspian Sea – Black Sea channel project,” the President stated during his lecture on Eurasian integration at M. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The trade turnover between Kazakhstan and partners of the  Customs Union and the Common Economic Space increased by 88 %, to USD 24.2 billion. Kazakhstan exports to Russia and Belarus increased by 63%.

Nazarbayev suggested developing and adopting a project of Eurasian Innovative and Technical Cooperation until 2025 and establish a Eurasian Innovation Committee on a parity basis.







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