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Newag-built Vulcano EMU sets off on its first ride

MG_9499-1-450x295The first Vul­cano train pro­du­ced by NEWAG S.A. for Italian rail passenger operator Fer­ro­via Cir­cu­met­nea (FCE) set off for its inau­gu­ral ride from  Cata­nia Borgo rail­way sta­tion.  The four Vul­cano tra­ins have been produced under a EUR 14.7 million con­tract signed in Decem­ber 2013. The first train was appro­ved for pas­sen­ger traf­fic having suc­cess­fully cove­red 3000km in test rides. Vul­cano tra­ins will ope­rate on Cata­nia –Ripo­sto route.

Vul­cano DMUs are nar­row gauge die­sel mul­ti­ple units manu­fac­tu­red to ope­rate on the route aro­und Etna vol­cano in Sicily. These are modern, two-unit tra­ins on which spe­cial ‘power­pack’ power-transmission sys­tems were moun­ted toge­ther with a spe­cially desi­gned elec­tric trans­mis­sion. Advan­ced tech­no­lo­gi­cal solu­tions imple­men­ted in the dri­ving and gear sys­tems and in the sup­port of the train body have resul­ted in enhan­ced sound insu­la­tion of the passenger’s com­part­ment in accor­dance with strict requ­ire­ments of the Con­trac­ting Authority.

Vul­cano tra­ins offer enhan­ced tra­vel com­fort to both pas­sen­gers and train dri­vers. They are fully air-conditioned and adap­ted to trans­por­ting pas­sen­gers with redu­ced mobi­lity. One sec­tion is fit­ted with a retention-tank toilet adap­ted to the needs of the disa­bled (in com­pliance with TSI PRM) and the exter­nal door area is fit­ted with spe­cial  mova­ble ramps for whe­el­cha­irs. Driver’s  cabs equ­ip­ped with ergo­no­mic con­trol panels and modern equ­ip­ment have enhan­ced driver’s wor­king conditions.

 The seating capa­city is 106 inc­lu­ding 7 fold-up seats, and it may be chan­ged depen­ding on the carrier’s needs.

To ensure pas­sen­ger safety, the DMUs have been equ­ip­ped with a moni­to­ring sys­tem.  Other featu­res inc­lude a pas­sen­ger coun­ting sys­tem, the GPS sys­tem, a modern pas­sen­ger infor­ma­tion sys­tem as well as an inter­com ena­bling com­mu­ni­ca­tion between the dri­vers and passengers.

Vul­cano DMUs tra­vel with a speed of 100 km/h and are adju­sted to ope­rate in mul­ti­ple traction.

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