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NEWAG modernised 6Dg Locomotives already in use

The Polish rolling stock manufacturer, NEWAG S.A delivered to LOTOS Kolej the first two 6Dg loco­mo­ti­ves. The third one will be deli­ve­red to Gdańsk this month.

Modern tech­ni­cal and func­tio­nal solu­tions, successfully tested in ope­ra­tion of previously-modernised vehic­les, have been imple­men­ted in the loco­mo­ti­ves under the order. Additionally, at the Client’s requ­est, the loco­mo­ti­ves have been equ­ip­ped with the moni­to­ring sys­tem with view recor­ding con­si­sting of 4 came­ras (two in the driver’s cab and two  on the loco­mo­tive front), an event recor­der and LCD scre­ens on the con­trol panels. The moni­to­ring sys­tem com­bi­ned with the pano­ra­mic wind­screen and the lowe­red machine room ceiling, as com­pa­red with the stan­dard SM-42 machine rooms, have all con­tri­bu­ted to incre­ased visi­bi­lity, thus impro­ving safety and the functional-ergonomic solu­tions ensure the crew’s work com­fort.
The loco­mo­ti­ves are fit­ted with a 708kW die­sel engine com­pliant with the latest Stage III B  gas emis­sions standard.

Newag has been con­duc­ting moder­ni­sa­tion of the SM42 die­sel loco­mo­ti­ves to 6Dg type since 2007. The first tree loco­mo­ti­ves were moder­ni­zed for ISD Huta Czę­sto­chowa. The big­gest sup­ply of this type loco­mo­ti­ves took place in the years 2009 –2011. Then, Newag moder­ni­zed 121  loco­mo­ti­ves for PKP Cargo S.A. The 6Dg loco­mo­ti­ves are also used  by PNUIK Kra­ków, POL-MIEDŹ TRANS, KOLTAR Grupa Azoty, KOLPREM, and now also by LOTOS Kolej.

Based on the tech­ni­cal solu­tions and ope­ra­tio­nal expe­rience with 6Dg loco­mo­ti­ves, NEWAG S.A. moder­ni­zed heavy duty fre­ight SM48 loco­mo­ti­ves to 15D/16D type and in 2014, it con­duc­ted the second-generation moder­ni­za­tion of SM42 loco­mo­tive to 18D and 6Dl. These  loco­mo­ti­ves will be ope­ra­ted by PKP INTERCITY S.A.

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