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PCC Intermodal, Hupac and Kombiverkehr launch joint train service

PCC Intermodal S.A., Gdynia (Poland), Hupac Intermodal SA, Chiasso (Switzerland), and Kombiverkehr KG, Frankfurt am Main (Germany) have agreed to offer a direct rail freight link between Duisburg’s DUSS terminal and the PCC-owned terminal in Kutno. This new direct service with a carrying capacity of up to 1,200 metric tons will run four times a week in both directions, twice a week with an intermediate stop in Poznań Franowo.

The trains will be pulled by DB Schenker Rail via its subsidiary RBH on the German side, and on the Polish side by DB Schenker Rail Polska. Duisburg and Kutno offer late freight receiving end times and early pick-up start times to facilitate optimised vehicle deployment in their respective catchment areas. The final-leg delivery services from Duisburg and Kutno will be provided by the existing national and international assets and networks of the three collaborating operators.

“With this shared service between Duisburg and Kutno, we can offer our customers a smooth and direct, competitive and reliable link between the Ruhr region and the industrial centres in southern Poland of Wrocław, Katowice and Rzeszów,” explains Ziemowit Kierkowski, Director of Sales at PCC Intermodal S.A.


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