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Pesa, Stadler and Hyundai-Rotem ready to lease EMUs to Pasazieru vilciens

Three bids have been submitted for the AS Pasazieru vilciens (a subsidiary of Latvian Railways) company’s  tender for leasing new electric trains for a period of fifteen years.

The bids have been submitted by Pesa Bydgoszcz, Stadler and  Hyundai – Rotem. The bids offer to supply the new trains within eighteen up to 28 months. The bids will be analyzed during a period of three months, after which the best bid will be selected based on various criteria, said the procurement commission’s head Normunds Sinkevics. He also explained that the tender’s regulations had been changed several times pursuant to the bidders’ questions.

The average monthly lease per unit ranges from EUR 35,078 to EUR 50,817, and one unit maintenance cost per 1,000 kilometers – from EUR 287.84 to EUR 559.

Pasazieru vilciens CEO Artis Birkmanis said that in two years, trains would become the most modern, fastest and economic mode of transport in Latvia. The tender for leasing new trains is one of the most important tenders in the history of the company, as well as an important milestone in its development, added Birkmanis.

The Spanish train manufacturer Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) has turned to the European Commission with a complaint about Pasazieru vilciens open tender for the lease of new electric trains.

The complaint deals with the fact that Pasazieru vilciens, less than thirty days before the deadline for the submission of bids, altered the regulations of the tender significantly, which changed the prospective deal’s funding structure and distribution of responsibilities.

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