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Poland: First tracks on Lodz Fabryczna Railway Station

tinesNearly two kilometres of tracks on a construction site of new Lodz Fabryczna railway station have been laid. Within a week, the construction crew lays about 300 meters of concrete slab track. In total, 12,5 km of railway surface need to be built on the 4,2 km underground section in station and tunnel. Tines Capital Group is responsible for the installation of tracks as a subcontractor of Torpol, the leader of the consortium, which is building the station.

“Regular deliveries of construction elements started on February. At the end of March, we concreted over and laid first section of slab track. We have already realized a similar construction for the railway tunnel leading to the Warsaw-Okęcie Airport and for second line of the Warsaw Metro”, said  Bogusława Kruk, TINES Technical Manager.

“The advantage of slab track is its strength, as well as reducing maintenance work to a minimum. It helps to reduce costs of future exploitation. In Western Europe, these solutions are in use since more than 30 years and collects very positive reviews”, emphasized Tomasz Szuba, TINES CEO.

The station building itself will be composed of 3 levels. On the ground floor there will be 8 bus stops and tram station with 4 platforms. On the second level, 8 meters underground there will be railway station with the waiting room, ticket offices, commercial facilities and office space. Moreover a multi stop for intercity buses will be created. At the third level, 16,5 meters below the surface, will be train station with four platforms and eight lanes and 960 parking spaces. The new station will be able to handle up to 200 thousand passengers a day.

Such rebuilt station in the future will be able to become a part of line running underground through the city centre, leading regional trains and high-speed trains. In the future it will be possible to develop in these region a continuous high-speed rail line in Poland known as the “Y line” (Warsaw – Lodz – Poznan, Warsaw, Poland – Lodz – Wroclaw), which will give to Lodz Fabryczna international character. Thanks to that a trip from Warsaw to Wroclaw and Poznan and further to Prague and Berlin will be shortened. Construction of the new Łódź Fabryczna station is now one of the largest railway investment in Europe. This will be one of the most modern multimodal hub in Europe.


TINES concrete slab track on tation in numbers:

Reinforcing steel for concrete: 1 600 000 kg

Concrete C30/37: approx. 14 000 m3

Anti-vibration mats: 29 600 m2

EBS blocks: approx. 37 000 units

EBS blocks for turnouts: approx. 6 000 units

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