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Rail Cargo Logistics Goldair, first private rail freight operator in Greece

Taurus 1016
Taurus 1016

The Greek Railway Authority for Railways (RAR) has awarded Rail Cargo Logistics Goldair a license to operate on the Greek railway network. Established in 2014, Rail Cargo Logistics Goldair is a joint venture between Rail Cargo Logistics – Austria GmbH (49%) and Goldair Group (51%), which is one of the biggest transportation and logistics companies in Greece.

Rail Cargo Logistics Goldair provides rail freight forwarding and  freight transportation services using chartered transport on its own behalf or on behalf of third parties, with the assurance of the provision of traction.

According to RAR, the entry of the first private company on the Greek railway freight market after 2010 market liberalization marks a new landscape for rail freight transport in Greece and is expected to contribute to the increase of rail freight volume. The gradual expansion of rail transport share in the freight transport market will highlight the advantages of rail transport as the most secure, environmentally friendly and economic solution.

Rail Cargo Logistics Goldair SA plans to launch its activity as a railway undertaking in early 2017, considering it will take one year to complete the necessary conditions required for access to the infrastructure, in addition to the authorization given, such as: Safety Certificate Part A and Part B, track access agreement the national railway infrastructure manager, locomotives license.

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