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Railpool orders five Vectron locomotives

Railpool, a full-service locomotive leasing company headquartered in Munich, Germany, has ordered five additional Vectron type AC locomotives. All five are to be delivered this year and are planned for operating in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania. The locomotives, with a maximum output of 6,400 KW and a top speed of 200 km/h, will be built in the

Die Vectron-Flotte hat die erste Million Laufkilometer absolviert. Die sechs Vectron-AC-Lokomotiven von Railpool haben bereits über 320.000 Kilometer zurückgelegt. Die vier in Polen – drei davon bei DB Schenker Rail Polska – eingesetzten Vectron DC rund 370.000 Kilometer. Der in Skandinavien laufende Vectron AC hat mittlerweile über 120.000 Kilometer erreicht und ist derzeit in Schweden anzutreffen. Die übrigen Kilometer steuern die restlichen Lokomotiven bei, die zu Mess-, Zulassungs- oder Demonstrationsfahrten in vielen Ländern unterwegs sind. Im Bild: Vectron für Railpool vor der Auslieferung im Siemens-Werk München-Allach The Vectron fleet has cleared its first million operating kilometers. Railpool's six Vectron AC locomotives have already covered more than 320,000 kilometers. The four Vectron DC units in Poland, three of which are with DB Schenker Rail Polska, have together racked up approximately 370,000 kilometers. The Scandinavian Vectron AC, currently operating in Sweden, has passed the 120,000 kilometer mark. The remaining kilometers in the million-plus total come from the other locomotives in the series, which are used for test, certification and demonstration runs in many countries. In the picture: Vectron for Railpool at the Siemens' manufacturing plant in Munich-Allach, Germany, prior to handover

plant in Munich-Allach, Germany. With this order, Railpool will be expanding its Vectron fleet to a total of 19 units. The contract also gives Railpool the option to order up to ten additional Vectron AC locomotives.

“The short-term availability of the Vectron locomotives enables us to respond flexibly to current customer demand. With the Vectron, we are well-positioned, especially for operations along the Germany-Austria-Hungary corridor, and we look forward to further expanding our partnership with Siemens,” said Torsten Lehnert, CEO of Railpool.

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