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Romanian Ministry of Transport plans EUR 308 million railway projects for 2014

According to the Romanian Ministry of Transport, approximately EUR 308 million will be  invested in railway projects. For investments in the underground network, RON 729.774 million (approx. EUR 164 million) are  proposed for being allocated. 

The main projects included in the draft budget for 2014 are:

1. Reabilitation of 516.7 km railway lines (Section Fetesti – Constanta, 79Km, RON 3 million to be allocated; electrification works  Doaga – Tecuci – Barboşi section, to be completed in 2017, RON 4 million to be allocated; 39 km new railway line Vâlcele – Râmnicu Vâlcea; Bucharest Baneasa – Fetesti section, RON 24.5 million allocated; Curtici – Simeria section, over RON 740 mil)

2. Modernisation of 16 railway stations: Giurgiu (2011-2014), Alexandria (cerere de finanţare retrasă), Slatina (2012-2014), Piteşti (2011-2014), Râmnicu Vâlcea (2012-2014), Reşiţa Sud (2012-2014), Sfântu Gheorghe (2011-2014), Târgu Mureş (2014-2015), Vaslui (2011-2014), Botoşani (2012-2014), Piatra Neamţ (2011-2014), Bistriţa (2012-2014), Zalău (2012-2014), Brăila (2011-2014) , Călăraşi (2012-2014), Slobozia (2011-2014); RON 89 million to be allocated.

3. Replacement of electro-dynamic stations with modern interlocking systems in 11 railway stations (design & execution): Craiova, Caransebeş, Lugoj, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Chiajna, Palas, Focşani, Chitila, Buciumeni, Constanţa and Feteşti; RON 8.5 million

4. Rehabilitation of Danube bridges, RON 38 million

5. Rehabilitation of bridges, culverts and railway tunnels ( 48 bridges, 40 bridges , 8 tunnels), RON 32 million

6. Upgrading rail level crossings (112 railway level crossings located across 37 counties), RON 14.4 million

7. Modernisation of electromechanical interlocking systems: Lugoj – Ilia and Siculeni –Adjud sections, RON 35.3 million

8. Pilot ERTMS –  The project will be carried out on the section Buciumeni – Brazi (7 km) on Bucharest – Ploiesti section, part of Corridor IV, RON 38.7 million

9. Overheated axle detectors systems, RON 15 million

10. Intermodal terminals, RON 5 million. Project feasibility studies for Iasi , Timisoara and Brasov  intermodal terminals.

11. Implementation of geographic information at CNCF CFR SA (GIS ), RON 1 million

12. Interlocking in Videle railway station, RON 4 million

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