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RUB 41.5 billion for the development Trans-Baikal Railway

Russian Railways will allocate over RUB 41.5 billion in 2016 for the development Trans-Baikal Railway’s fixed assets. The company will direct RUB 27 billion to modernising the rail infrastructure in the Eastern polygon, in order to increase transport capacity.

Trans-Baikal Railway will continue track modernisation (425 km), station refurbishment, OLE modernisation (Borzya-Zabaykalsk) and rolling stock fleet upgrading  projects. In 2016, the company plans to refurbish Chita-1, Turgut, Turin station and two build two locomotive depots and a railway bridge across Bureya River, on Bureya – Arkhara rail section.

The modernization and acquisition rolling stock projects will receive RUB 10.8 million. The company will purchase 98 electric Ermak locomotives ( 78 three-section and 20 two-section), as well as three TEP70BS passenger diesel locomotives to operate on the  non-electrified sections of the Trans-Baikal Railways. For shunting operations, the fleet will be enlarged with five  TEM18DM locomotives. 

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