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Russia, China sign strategic cooperation agreements on railways

Russia, China sign strategic cooperation agreements on railwaysRussian Railways (RZD) and China Railway Corporation (CRC) have signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in railways. The two parties expressed mutual interest in the joint implementation of projects within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Silk Road Economic Belt initiative. The document was signed on June 25, in Beijing, by the President of RZD Oleg Belozerov and the CEO of CRC Sheng Guangji,  in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. 

Sinara Group and the CRRC Corporation have also signed an cooperation agreement on the localization of high-speed rolling stock and railway equipment production in the Russian Federation. The agreement was signed to expand the Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of high-speed transport development in Russia, in particular, Moscow – Kazan high speed railway, a priority project of Moscow – Beijing Eurasian transport corridor.

Russian Railways (RZD) and China Railway Corporation (CRC) will actively contribute to the development of international transport corridors crossing Russia and China, as well as other countries,  to improve the technical characteristics of railway lines in order to increase the speed of trains and ensure a seamless transport of freight traffic. The parties intend to develop the existing and future border crossings between China and Russia and the connecting rail infrastructure.

RZD and CRC have agreed to take the necessary measures to optimize the conditions and technology of international container traffic, including the organisation regular container trains, to facilitate the organization of mail transport and e-commerce between China – Russia and China – Europe.

The parties expressed their intention to improve the transport safety system, the electronic data interchange for international rail transport and the expansion of the terminals and  storage facilities network on the main routes.

Russian Railways and China Railway Corporation have also agreed to contribute to the establishment of the Moscow-Beijing Eurasian high-speed rail transport corridor and the project to build a Moscow – Kazan high-speed rail as a priority project of the corridor.

In addition, the parties will make efforts to improve the attractiveness of Russian-Chinese passenger transport by developing new routes, flexible tariff conditions, by raising the level of comfort and adding new tourist routes offers.

The document also provides for cooperation in the field of science, technology and innovation, as well as training of railway staff.

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