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Russian Railways’ locomotive fleet enlarged with 339 units in H1 2014

In the first-half of 2014, Russian Railways (RZD) allocated 40.1 billion rubles for the acquisition of new locomotives. As part of the investment plan, a number of 339 new locomotives were purchased,  211 diesel and 128 electric locomotives.

The locomotive fleet was enlarged with the following locomotives: 2ES10 “Granit” (22 units; Ural Locomotives), 2ES5K freight electric locomotive (5 units, Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant), 2ES6 “Ekaterinburg” freight electric (54 units), 3ES5K “Ermak” freight electric (91 units; Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant), 2TE25A freight locomotives with asynchronous traction drive “Hero” (7 units; BMZ) and 2TE25A (1 unit; BMZ),  2TE116U freight locomotives (38 units), 3TE116U (8 units) 3TE116UD (15 units). A number of 48 shunting locomotives were also added to the existing fleet: TEM18D locomotives (27 units; BMZ), TEM18V diesel locomotives ( 6 units) and TEM7  (6 units). 

In addition,  53 passenger locomotives were purchased,  EP2K  (6 units),   EP20 dual system electric locomotive (28 units),   EP1M electric locomotive (5 units) and TEP70BS (14 units)

In 2013, RZD purchased 804 locomotives worth 83.5 billion rubles.  This year, the investment budget for the acquisition of new locomotive is 76.1 billion rubles.

RZD locomotive fleet includes more than 20 thousand units.

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