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Russian Railways to receive RUB 100 bn for four priority development projects

The Russian government agreed to allocate Russian Railways (RZD) from the National Wealth Fund an amount of RUB 100 bn (EUR 1.35 bn) for the implementation of four priority railway development projects. 

– RUB 60.2 bn for the Acquisition of locomotives. In 2015 RZD plans  to purchase 467 new locomotives.
– RUB 22 bn for Development of railway infrastructure in North-West of Russia.
RUB 10.3 bn for the Development of the railway infrastructure on the approaches to the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin
– RUB 7.5 bn Development of the infrastructure of East landfill railways, including the Baikal-Amur Mainline The objective is to increase freight traffic to 38 million tonnes a year by 2015 and 54 million tonnes by 2020 as compared with 16 million tonnes today.

These projects are on the  list of self-recouping investment projects, whose financial assets receive those of the National Wealth Fund and/or pension savings being managed by a state trust company, on a payback basis.

In November 2014, RZD was also allocated from the anti-crisis fund an amount of RUB 4.7 bn rubles for the development of Moscow Small Ring Railway (MC MOR), including the project Construction of a new railway line to Sheremetyevo Airport North terminal.

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