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Russian Railways to complete Northern Latitudinal Railway project to the Arctic

Russian Railways and the government of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region have agreed to jointly complete the Northern Latitudinal Railway project. The Northern latitudinal railway will connect the major hydrocarbon deposits in Northern Urals and will provide access to  the Artic Sabetta seaport currently under development.  The volume of traffic on the Northern latitudinal route is estimated at 23.1 million tons.

The 707 km long Northern Latitude Railway will connect Ob station of the Northen Railways with Korotchaevo station of the Sverdlovsk Railways (Obskaya-2 – Salekhard – Nadym – Pangody – Novy Urengoy – Korotchaevo).. The route will include several railway sections and facilities: a new station of the Ob- Salekhard railway, a new Salekhard-Nadym railway line,  a bridge over the river Ob and Nadym, as well as completion of stations on the Nadym-Pangoda railway section, Pangoda-Novy Urengoy railway section, and Novy Urengoy-Korotchaevo.

The project is supported Yamal Railway, a joint venture between Development Corporation, RZD and Gazprom, and private investors. Gazprom is building the railway Ob – Bovanenkovo ​​- Kara – Kharasavey. Three railway sections have already been buit: Nadym-Pangody  (Gazprom), Pangoda-Novy Urengoy and Novy Urengoy-Korotchaevo (Russian Railways).

According to Arctic Info publication, the value of the Northern latitudinal railway is RUB 154.4 billion. Funding will be provided by the Ministry of Transport (RUB 50 billion), the government of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region (RUB 18.5 billion) and from private investments ( RUB 85.9 billion).

In August,  Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov stated that if supported by the Government, the Northern Latitudinal Railway project could be built by 2020.

Photo: Arctic.ru

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