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SATLOC and GNSS application to rail dissemination conference

SATLOC and GNSS application to rail dissemination conference  takes place at Brasov, Romania, on 24 and 25 April 2014.  The event enables to directly acknowledge the feasibility and efficiency of the full speed  supervision train control, compatible with ETCS, but migrating to new technologies on the natural  path of technologic progress.

The event is organized in Brasov, where SATLOC pilot line  Brasov- Zarnesti is in function. The technical visit will enable  to see the first real scale application of train control based on  ETCS but with GNSS absolute positioning of trains and with  wide-band train-ground communication.

SATLOC marks the adoption of GNSS (EGNOS+GALILEO+GPS)  in the rail primary safety and paves the way to the
introduction of GNSS in the rail safety domain. Application is  in a broad context since it introduces the GNSS train
positioning and speed determination with Safety of Life  characteristics in all critical operations of a railway line. The
project includes the development of new rail integrated  operational concept, software, hardware, services and datasets compatible with the current evolution of the rail  signalling and rail standards.

Successful introduction of the new technology in the railway  safety needs accreditation of new mode of thinking, demonstration of operational safety, innovation, convincing  demonstration of concept and lifting of technical and
mentality barriers.  This is the case of GNSS applications in railway safety – the  most challenging application domain to promote EGNOS and  GALILEO to rail.

Important innovation is demonstrated to show in a real  operational environment the concept feasibility and efficiency SATLOC demonstrates new opportunities of  information transmission via peak technologies of GPRS/UMTS in the Virtual Private Networks of the market telecommunication at marginal cost.

Contact: Barbu@uic.org; mouchel@uic.org


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