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SBB to improve public performace on Gotthard route

Swiss Federal Railways to improve public performace on Gotthard route

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has presented a series of measures to improve public performace on Gotthard route. SBB is not satisfied with the 82% train punctuality on the Gotthard route, about 7% below the desired value at national level. The delays were mainly caused by rolling stock technical faults, delays of trains coming from Italy, as well as the presence of numerous construction sites and new equipment.

The availability of ETR 610 Pendolino tilting trains in operation on Gotthard route is critical. Until 2018, SBB plans to invest CHF 12.9 million (EUR 11.7 million) for additional maintenance measures to eliminate technical issues related to the tilting and traction technology. An international working group formed of SBB representatives and Italian counterparts has been established in order to reduce the delays of trains coming from Italy. The measures also include the optimisation of passenger information. In this area SBB has adopted mobile information devices.  

Following an important number of traffic disturbances caused by the entering into operation of the onboard main line signalling equipment (ETCS Level 2 system) on Brunnen-Erstfeld and Pollegio-Castione rail sections, the situation has now improved. There are still issues at the level of compatibility between the onboard equipment and the different types of rolling stock used. SBB is intensively working with the rolling stock producers to solve the issues. 

For SBB challenges will continue to appear even after the commissioning of Gotthard new tunnel. To fully benefit of this project in terms of significantly shorter journey times for both passenger and freight traffic, the completion of Ceneri tunnel construction as well as a 4 meter-corridor is planed by the end of 2020. In order to reach this objective almost 25 construction projects will be implemented on Gotthard route.

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