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Serbian Railways profile


Serbian Railways (Zeleznice Srbije) is a state  owned company, in charge with carriage of  passengers and goods, hauling the trains and  maintenance of traction units, trains and rolling  stock, track maintenance and inspection,  maintenance and assembling of devices, plants  and installations. (right picture Serbian Railway map courtesy of interrail.eu)

Serbian Railways Facts & Figures
3,809 km length of lines
1,768 km lenght of main lines
1,279 km electrified lines
1,435 mm Track gauge
18,280 Number of employees


In 2012, EBRD approved a 95 million euro ($124.5 million) loan to Zeleznice Srbije. The 15-year loan with a three-year grace period, will help rebuild a total of 64 kilometers (40 miles) of tracks, including 14 kilometers near the capital Belgrade. The international rail route passing through Serbia, handles more than a half of all rail traffic in the Balkan country.

Much of the country’s railway infrastructure is “in a poor state,” causing speed restrictions to less than 60 kilometers per hour in some sections, the EBRD said. The bank extended an additional 1.5 million-euro grant to support a further overhaul of the company and reduce state monopoly of railway services.

 EBRD has provided in previous years 317 million euros to Zeleznice Srbije for upgrading the rolling stock and the infrastructure. In 2011, the government split the company last year into four units that handle passenger traffic, cargo, infrastructure and asset-management.


[team title=”Chairman of the Board of Director” subtitle=”Zoran Anđelković ” url=”” image=”http://www.think-railways.com/wp/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/zoran_andjelkovic_no1_no2.jpg”][/team]

[team title=”General Manager” subtitle=”DRAGOLJUB SIMONOVIĆ” url=”” image=”http://www.think-railways.com/wp/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/dragoljub_simonovi_no2.jpg”][/team]

[team title=”Executive Manager” subtitle=”PREDRAG JANKOVIĆ” url=”” image=”http://www.think-railways.com/wp/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/predrag_jankovi-1.jpg”][/team]

[team title=”SVETOZAR ĆAPIN” subtitle=”Executive Manager” url=”” image=”http://www.think-railways.com/wp/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/svetozar_apin.jpg”][/team]

Ministry of Transport

Serbian Directorate for Railways – Serbian Government

Directorate for Railways is a special organization of the Republic of Serbia for the field of railway transport. It was established in accordance with the Law on Railway of the Republic of Serbia, enacted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia (came into effect on 1st March 2005).

Directorate for Railways has a qualification of the legal entity. Directorate is managed by a Director appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, upon the proposal of the Prime Minister. 

Directorate has been established to carry out expert, regulatory and other operations in the filed of railway transport defined by the Law on Railway.

Mr. Petar Odorovi, MSc, Director
Phone: (+381 11) 361 68 66
Fax:     (+381 11) 361 83 46
E-mail: petar.odorovic@raildir.gov.rs

Permits, Certification & Licensing
Directorate for Railways issues the Permit on usage of railway rolling stock, parts and equipment for railway rolling stock and devices, parts and equipment for railway infrastructure [application of articles 69 and 79 of the Law on Railway (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No. 18/2005), as well as the adequate application of the provisions of the Law on General Administrative procedure (“Official Gazette of SRY” No. 33/97 and 31/2001)].

 The applicant has to submit the request which must include the following:
– name, address, registered office, Tax Ref. No. (PIB) and registry number of the applican
– name of the body to which the request is submitted
– the subject of the request – name, type, series of the system or device for which the permit is asked
– name of the manufacturer of the product for the railway for which the permit is issue

 The applicant also has to submit the following documentation:
– extract from the company register
– declaration on harmonization issued by the supplier, pursuant to the standard JUS ISO/IEC 17050-1/2005, for the product for which the permit is issued
– supporting documents for the product, pursuant to the standard JUS ISO/IEC 17050-2/2005
– supporting documents for the users (instructions for construction, usage and maintenance)
– other documentation depending on the concrete subject in question, pursuant to the certain valid regulation in the field of railway transport.

The charges for the issued permits are set by the Regulation on charges for issue of permit for usage of rolling stock, parts and equipment for railway rolling stock and devices, parts and equipment for railway infrastructure (“Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia” No. 117/2005).

Contact (Infrastructure): mirko.stamatovski@raildir.gov.rs

Contact (Transport): mirko.stamatovski@raildir.gov.rs


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