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Škoda Electric presents new tramway for China

Škoda Electric has presented its new 100% low-floor five-segment tramway which could be operated on tramlines in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

“The new tramcar raised great interest at the fair, therefore I am pleased that we have developed and supplied the electrical equipment, mechanical drive and control system.  The tramcar was assembled in a plant of the Chinese company, Beijing Subway Rolling Stock Equipment Co. Ltd. (BSR) in Beijing, which also unveiled the vehicle officially”, stated Petr Gaman, a technical director of Škoda Electric, says. The fair was held in Beijing in China International Exhibition Center Beijing, from 16 to 18 June. Its significance for the Asian region is analogous to the European InnoTrans.

The new tramcar features a special technical solution, due to which it can be operated even where there is no trolley-line. The vehicle is equipped with a Škoda-design battery drive; Škoda has had experience with it in battery tramcars which are currently being supplied to the Turkish city of Konya. Škoda specialists also provide technical support directly in China and they will take part in operational tests of the tramcar. The Pilsen company will take part in serial production of the tramcars.

“Škoda Transportation Group is active and also successful in the demanding Chinese market in the long term. At the beginning of this April, another new tramcar was introduced; it carries the designation 27T. The vehicle, which is technically based on the design of the ForCity tramcar family, meets the latest technical and safety parameters. It can even be driven alternatively by battery or hydrogen fuel cells. Moreover, Škoda Electric is now supplying drives and motors for forty metro sets in the Chinese city of Suzhou. This is a proof that Czech know-how can push through even in the most demanding markets,” stated Jaromír Šilhánek, the Škoda Electro CEO.

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