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South Caucasus Railway: the volume of investments in 2014 will reach 6.3 bn Drams

Victor Rebets,  the Director General of South Caucasus Railway (SCR)  held press conference  to summarize the work of SCR in 2013. The main results can be regarded as efforts to restore the railway infrastructure, ensuring operation of rail transport (the reconstruction of the station Tumanyan, the reconstruction of the railway junction in Gyumri etc).

itogovaya_konferenciya_2013CEO of the South Caucasian Railway reminded the journalists that the company sticks to its policy of sustained improvement of customer service quality. In particular, in 2013 in the Sleeping cars and coupes of the international train links Yerevan-Batumi-Yerevan and Yerevan-Tbilisi-Yerevan as well as in the electric train Yerevan-Gyumri-Yerevan passengers were provided free services of Wi-Fi connection. According to Victor Rebets it affected the growth of passenger traffic by 3%. Commenting on the situation in the field of freight, head SCR noted that, according to current forecasts the volume of cargo at the end of 2013 was about 3.2 million tons of cargo, and a similar figure was projected for 2014.

Speaking of competition in rail transport and railroad Victor Rebets stressed that SCR does not put pressure on the cargo owners, shippers, consignees, giving them the opportunity to make a free choice. The share of rail freight in the total freight traffic in Armenia do not exceed one third.  SCR primarily competes with automobile transport as the most mobile, providing services from door to door. However, SCR extends the list of services particularly in freight forwarding. “We transport goods from Russia, Ukraine, using the ferry in collaboration with CFTS of the Russian Railways and possess technical and technological capacity to implement traffic throughout 1520 space“, said Victor Rebets.

SCR Director General said that the investment program of the Company in 2013 amounted to 6.3 billion drams, which were fully utilized. According to Victor Rebets the same amount of investment was to be implemented in 2014.

Source* South Caucasus Railway

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