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St. Petersburg Metro announces tender for 40 metro cars

oevrzSt. Petersburg Metro has announced a new RUB 3.9 bn tender for the acquisition of five eight-car metro trains. The trains powered by asynchronous traction motors will enter service on Line 1. 

Deliveries are expected between January – April 2018. According to the tender documents the level of production localisation of the rolling stock should not be less than 70%.

St. Petersburg Metro main rolling stock  suppliers are Vagonmash, Skoda Transportation (51%) and Kirov Plant (49%) joint venture company and Oktyabrsky Electric Plant (OEVRZ), a Transmashholding subsidiary. 

In September, St. Petersburg Metro awarded OEVRZ a RUB 13.4 bn (EUR 180 million) contract to supply 27 six-car metro trains. OEVRZ has recently opened a new production plant in St. Petersburg, specialized in the production of metro cars and tramways.

The area of the newly deployed manufacturing complex covers more than 15 000 sq.m. The industrial complex comprises several buildings. One of them will be set for the construction of rolling stock. Another one will serve for the products testing activities. The testing facility is equipped with modern hardware to undertake a wide range of tests and commissioning activities. Moreover, a modern office building has been built in order to provide the employees with comfortable working conditions. A 1200m long special railway track has also been constructed for dynamic tests.
The construction of the complex started in 2012. It is planned to employ more than 300 persons in the new workshops. The manufacturing capabilities of the new facilities account for around 200 cars per year.

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