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St Petersburg Metro to attract RUB 20 bn for development projects

St Petersburg Metro plans to attract RUB 20 bn (EUR 325 million) for rolling stock and infrastructure development projects until 2021.

From 2016 to 2021 years, St Petersburg Metro plans RUB 20.4 billion investments. The company will obtain a RUB 12.4 billion loan for the purchase of rolling stock to operate on Line 3. Another RUB 3.8 billion of its own resources will be invested in the purchase of metro trains with asynchronous traction drive.

By 2019 St Petersburg Metro planes to attract RUB 2.2 billion from the federal and regional budgets for transport security systems and equipment. The project includes the installation of control centers and intelligent video surveillance systems.

RUB 500,000 will be invested in providing passengers on all metro lines with high quality cellular communications. The design project has already been approved and this month is scheduled a field test for technical solutions. Another RUB 1.5 bn were directed towards the free Wi-Fi for passengers project which is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

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