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Stadler EMUs enter service in Serbia

stadler_voz1_lSerbian Railways has introduced into regular service the first Stadler Flirt III EMUs. The  ICS (Inter City Serbia) train will operate on a regular basis on Belgrade – Novi Sad – Subotica route.

“The modernization of rolling stock fleet of Serbian Railways has finally begun, and with the introduction of the new Stadler trains we will provide better and more regular transport services to our customers”, said Serbian Railways Director General, Miroslav Stojicic.

Stojčić stressed out that the 160km/h trains will operate initially at lower speeds due to the current state of the railway infrastructure. Higher speeds will be possible once the infrastructure modernisation works carried out by Serbian Railways will be completed.
The 25kV 50 Hz vehicles have have a seating capacity of 235 passengers (223 seats in second class and 12 in first class). Stadler has delivered so far 17 of the 21 four-car Flirt EMUs. The remaining four train sets are expected to be delivered by the end of August.
At the Zemun depot where maintenance services for the new trains will be provided, modernisation works are ongoing in order to increase the depot capacity.

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