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Strukton Rail awarded two maintenance contracts in Stockholm

Strukton Rail awarded two maintenance contracts in StockholmTrafikverket has awarded Strukton Rail two new rail maintenance contracts in Stockholm. The first contract concerns the maintenance of the newly six-kilometre long  Stockholm Citybanan commuter line to be opened to passengers in 2017. Strukton Rail has built this new city line and, having won the maintenance contract, will also be responsible for railway maintenance. The contract will be valid for five years, starting with 1st of September 2016, well before the City Line opens the station doors to the public.

The Citybanan enables long-distance trains and commuter trains to take different routes through the city of Stockholm. Commuter trains will run on the Citybanan beneath the city, while long-distance trains will run above ground through the Central Bridge before reaching Stockholm Central. The Citybanan runs from Årstabron south of Stockholm and connects to Mälarbanan in Karlberg, just north of Stockholm Central Station. The line doubles rail capacity through central Stockholm and will provide new track capacity for commuter trains. This will have positive effects for the long-distance rail traffic throughout Sweden.

Strukton Rail will perform the maintenance activities according to Trafikverket’s high quality standards and during time slots when train services have stopped for the night. Strukton Rail’s engineers will check the tracks and replace parts when necessary during the night. Within a short period of time Strukton will detect and repair parts in the case of failures that affect train traffic.

The second contract concerns the railway through central Stockholm. The railway through central Stockholm is not only one of Sweden’s oldest railway lines, but also the busiest railway line in Sweden, with about 550 trains running on the line each day. The southern entrance to Stockholm central station is called a rail bottleneck because of its narrow passage and dense traffic, which also complicates the maintenance of the railway through central Stockholm. This will be solved once the Citybanan is opened for passengers in 2017.

Starting 1st May 2017, Strukton will continue to take care of the maintenance of the tracks, electrical systems and signalling systems between Stuvsta and Sörentorp, and between Tomteboda and Sundbyberg. The new maintenance contract will be valid for five years and can be extended by an option for a further 1 + 1 year.

“We are very excited about this new contract for central Stockholm. We are responsible for the maintenance of the same tracks today, but the new maintenance contract also includes round-the-clock faultclearing services in case of faults during train services. This central and important position requires of course that we will be quickly on site if anything happens”, says Lars Schyllander, regional manager at Strukton Rail.

Both contracts include preventive and corrective maintenance of the tracks, electrical systems and signalling technology, and round-the-clock fault clearing services.

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