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TRA 2014: first conference where the objectives of the European research programme “Horizon 2020” will be presented and discussed

In 2014, TRA (“Transport Research Arena”), the European conference dedicated to land and sea transport, is to be held in France for the first time, over four days from 14 to 17 April, at CNIT – La Défense, near Paris.

Frédéric Cuvillier, the French Junior Minister for Transport and the Maritime Economy, will present France’s priorities and key challenges in the field and how they tie in with European initiatives.
TRA showcases European scientific excellence in the field of transport. It encourages interaction between researchers, industry players and public policy makers, who, together, have decided to tackle the mobility challenges of tomorrow.

With the new theme “transport solutions: from research to deployment” and the guiding idea “Innovate Mobility, Mobilise Innovation”, the 2014 edition of TRA, the fifth, will be attended by nearly 3,000 participants, including representatives of research laboratories and institutes, industry partners, transport operators, public decision makers at different levels of governance from European to local, associations and users.

TRA 2014 will encourage innovation for sustainable mobility and employment in Europe. It will highlight economic and environmental challenges, in particular energy saving, reduction of harmful emissions, and the reliability and safety of infrastructure assets. It will present beacon projects for improving quality of life concerning such essential matters as: new mobility services; goods transport, from global circuits right down to the last kilometre; and synergies between individual and shared usage modes.

TRA 2014 is also the first conference where the objectives of the European research programme “Horizon 2020” will be presented and discussed. With a budget of 77 billion euros over seven years, this European Commission research and innovation programme will devote over 6 billion euros to transport projects over the period 2014–2020.

With the promotion of new public-private partnerships, it is becoming a strategic lever for strengthening Europe’s competitiveness and attractiveness in the world, boosting its growth and creating the jobs of the future. The societal challenges section of the programme covers the daily concerns of Europeans, such as ecology, public and private transport and contributions to the circular economy.

TRA2014TRA 2014 offers a range of opportunities for interaction and exchange:
• In the plenary sessions, representatives of European governments and the European Commission, as well as international organisations, researchers and industry players, are invited to share their observations and, above all, their vision on various specially chosen topics.
• Thirteen strategic sessions led by the European technology platforms ERRAC, ERTRAC and Waterborne TP, and the CEDR, will open up the debate on big scientific and industrial issues.
• Sixty scientific and technical sessions will present research findings and real-world applications.
• Fifty “invited” sessions will provide a forum for discussion of projects or case studies.
• An exhibition open to the public will offer European and international companies the possibility of showcasing their projects, products and services through various demonstrations.

For the first time in the history of TRA, eleven associated events and three joint conferences will be held to provide further opportunities for interaction and dialogue with experts from different disciplines.

A business meeting system has been set up to create additional opportunities to exchange with prospective partners.
You will find further information on the conference website: www.traconference.eu

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