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Transport Ministers’ Summit Opens in Two Weeks

The Annual Summit of the ITF opens on the 21st May in Leipzig, Germany for three days of discussion and debate around the theme of “Transport for a Changing World”. This theme encompasses 21st century megatrends that will change the face of the future of transport.

  • Changing technology
  • Changing demography
  • Changing economic balance
  • Changing lifestyles
  • Changing climate

Why you should attend:

  • It is the biggest gathering of ministers with responsibility for transport in the world.
  • It brings together experts from around the globe across all transport modes: Aviation, shipping, road transport, railways as well as urban/public transport, logistics, infrastructure, intelligent transport systems, active transport such as walking and cycling and on road safety. It is the place where transport is discussed in terms of developing seamless mobility for people and goods.


Who is coming?

  • Ministers from France, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, Norway, New Zealand, Indonesia, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine and Canada among many others
  • CEOs and top executives from Turkish Airlines, Volvo, Michelin, Deutsche Bahn, Nestlé, DHL, UPS, car2go, Bombardier Transportation, Transdev, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Uber, Inrix, PTV Group, Copenhagen Airports, Xerox, Vinci Concessions, ITS America and many others
  • Leaders from International Organisations such as OECD, International Energy Agency, World Bank, International Labour Organization and Asian Development Bank

For the full programme and speaker information see www.internationaltransportforum.org/2014. To register go to the Summit website today.

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