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Ulaanbaatar Railway launched tender for consultancy services

Ulaanbaatar Railway (UBRW) launched a tender for consultancy services for the development of “The Program of Technical Modernization and Development of JSC “UBRW”  until 2020”.

 The Consultant, who is sending its proposal, shall submit following documentary evidence that confirms its ability to provide such services:

– the Consultant has an experience in providing the similar consultancy services (similar consultancy services means the project or program of technical modernization of railway);
– the capability and working experience of human resources;
– the experience working with governmental and international organizations, and should have good reputation;
– that the Consultant company has provided similar services not less than 2 times during last 5 years (the budget of single project should  be not less than 1 billion tugrugs);
– the Consultant should have highest managerial and technical personnel capacity to implement project;
–  the skill of key personnel of the project team (should have the specialty in relevant field, working experience, technical knowledge and good skill).

In order to obtain a full range of expertise, the association with other consultants is allowed. Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below before 17:00 (Ulaanbaatar time) of 20 February 2014. Expressions of interest, written in Mongolian language, must be delivered to the address below by 15:00 (Ulaanbaatar Time), 27 February 2014.
Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city, P.O.B. 376 210535, Bayangol District, Seoul Street-42,
Headquarter of Ulaanbaatar Railway, Room #124, D.Tuvshinbayar,
Telephon: +976-21-244215, Fax: +976-21-252236, e-mail:tender-ubtz@ubtz.mn

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