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Ural Locomotives presented the Lastochka oo1

Ural Locomotives, a joint venture of Sinara Group and Siemens, presented the first S2G city express train based on the Lastochka (Swallow) high-speed electric train, celebrating in the same time 10 years of activity.

The Russian version has suffered a series of design modifications in order to better adapt to the requirements of the Russian Railwaysin regarding shuttle and interregional trains.

During the briefing, Sverdlovsk Region Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev stressed that the issue of railway imports remains relevant. “Once again we proved that we can operate in a competitive environment, creating unique products, important for the Sverdlovsk region and for Russia as a whole” stated Kuyvashev.

ural locomotives, first lastochka

Over 100 Russian companies are suppliers for this project, representing approximately 62% of the total componets providers. By 2017, the localisation of production is expected to reach 80%.

The President of Sinara Group, Dmitry Pumpyanskiy informed that the first Russian “Swallow” will be used on the Moscow ring rail. “In parallel, we are working with other clients in the 1520 CIS countries. In Russia, we will work with the regional transportation companies”, added Pumpyanskiy.

In addition to electric “CINARA” 2ES6 and “Granite”  2ES10 locomotives series, the participants were also introduced to the electric AC 2ES7 locomotive, which completed the plant acceptance tests.

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