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Uralvagonzavod Corporation and St. Petersburg Government sign cooperation agreement

Uralvargonzavod (UVZ) and St. Petersburg signed a cooperation agreement focusing on:

–  implementing an investment project by Research and Production Corporation UVZ  to create a new research and development complex that will combine R&D resources of the three UVZ establishments: OJSC“ Central Scientific Research Institute of Materials”,  OJSC  “Ural Transport Machinery Plant” and OJSC  “ research and Production company on Scientific and Engineering Innovations”. The new complex will allow the up to date engineering and scientific and technical groundwork for the development of the corporations and the military-industrial complex of Russia as a whole.

The project will not only give a powerful impetus to the development of innovative potential of the industry, but also will create about 2,000 new jobs. This project is of high importance for strengthening the country’s defence capacity and development of its industrial and scientific potential. The project was approved April 30, 2013 at a meeting of Investment Board in the presence of the Governor of St. Petersburg. May 26, 2014 the St. Petersburg Government session will focus on giving this project a status of strategic investment project of St. Petersburg and OJSC “SZNTK”, responsible for the project realization – a status of strategic investor;

– implementing an investment project by UVZ to create high-tech production of lithium-ion accumulator batteries for special-purpose vehicles and civilian users, aimed at development and production of innovative products, such as urban electric transport;

– contributing to municipal services, energy and transport through building innovative infrastructure in Saint Petersburg, aimed at developing competitive science-driven technologies, including production and supply of modern trams and subway cars;

– arranging and implementing joint R&D, educational and social programs and projects, aimed at development of St. Petersburg and UVZ Corporation.

UVZ Corporation considers implementing these new projects to be a good start for strong business ties with St. Petersburg and is seeking for comprehensive cooperation.

In particular, CEO of UVZ, Oleg Sienko said that the corporation needs some groundwork for scientific and technical potential and there is a need to create a modern laboratory. “St. Petersburg is an ideal field for implementation of these tasks, because there is great scientific potential, specialists with high qualifications, which require modern scientific and industrial sites. Our engineering designs, such as road-building machinery, municipal servicesand energy saving solutions are extremely important for the national economy. With your support, we will make a huge breakthrough in this regard”, said the head of the corporation.

The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenkosaid: “Projects of Uralvagonzavod Corporation are prospective in terms of new high-tech jobs. Their achievements can be used not only in the defence industry, but also in municipal services, energy and transportation.” The governor promised to consider UVZ suggestions to modernize tram fleet in St. Petersburg.

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