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UVZ presented R1 (Russia One) tramway prototype

R1_Tramway_UVZ5Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) corporation unveiled R1 (Russia One) tramway prototype produced by Uraltransmash factory.

UVZ via Uraltransmash factory has merged its production forces with the creative approach in order to develop a R1 tram prototype, which combines the up-to-date achievements of the Russian transport industry with the hype-generating visual solutions.

R1 tram is bidirectional (i.e. driver cabs at both ends). The tram is 24 meters in length and 2.5 meters in width. It is mounted on two wheeled trolleys. On each side, there are four sliding plug doors with a complex geometry and kinematics.

In different configurations, the R1 tram can accommodate from 190 to 270 passengers and there are 28-50 seats. An air conditioning system will be installed both in the driver cab and in the salon. The tram will be equipped with GPS and Glonass navigators. The driver will be able to monitor the external and internal environment through seven HD surveillance cameras: four external and three internal cameras. This innovation by Uralvagonzavod will also be equipped with Wi-Fi, a modern audio system and antibacterial handrail.

Alexey Maslov, lead designer at Atom, has developed the exterior and interior designs for the project, and experts of Atom bureau oversee and control all the production phases, so the differences between prototype and the concept are lessened to 10 per cent. The transition from draft to the unit which is that precise is experienced for the first time in the world practice of industrial design, for usually the creation of the concept is processed without many technical parameters and differs from the final product dramatically.

Photo*Ilia Varlamov

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