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Vidiwave to supply track inspection CCTV to Colas Rail

Vidiwave today announces that it has been awarded a contract to supply specialised CCTV systems for all of Colas Rail UK’s track maintenance rolling stock.

Vidiwave have been working in partnership with Colas Rail since 2011 to develop a CCTV based track inspection solution for tamping machines. Vidiwave recently completed an intial nine-month development program followed by a further 12-months of rigourous field trials with Colas Rail in the UK.

The solution brief was to provide Colas with a robust and reliable video audit trial relating to track realignment programs when using tamping machines and stone-blowers during routine track maintenance.

Vidiwave’s solution is used by Colas to inspect the track condition before and after the maintenance has been completed; as well as providing a video record of the actual repair processes whilst the track is being lifted and realigned. These then form part of Colas’s post-maintenance audit trail to prove that the track has been relaid and realigned to the correct industry tolerances.

Vidiwave’s equipment has been independantly certified by Thales Germany  to meet these requirement as detailed by EN61373 (Class A and Class B).


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