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Vossloh’s DE 12 and DE 18 locomotives obtain German certification

Vossloh_DE18Germany’s federal railway authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt, EBA) has now given its approval also for the four-axle diesel-electric DE 12 and DE 18 to be operated in Germany. The commissioning approvals coupled with the o.k. to start up series production for the two remaining members of Vossloh’s modular locomotive family have now been finalized. Since the end of 2013, the two diesel-hydraulic sister models G 12 and G 18 have likewise been given the corresponding approvals.

Additionally, the DE 12 and DE 18 are fully certified to TSI Loc&Pas—an important step in the European approval processes and procedures. Thanks to these approvals, the series-production o.k. can now be issued for a maximum possible period of seven years. This means that, to begin with until September 2021, Vossloh will be able to build locomotives of this family for their operators and without any need for further approval procedures.

“It’s taken over four years to obtain approval for these diesel-electric locomotives within our family,” explains Thomas Schwichtenberg, General Manager of Vossloh Locomotives when commenting on the complex procedures. “Thanks to cross acceptance and smooth cooperation with Germany’s railway authority, it was possible to happily shorten the final processing period.”

“Successful approval to TSI Loc&Pas will permit us to market the family outside of Germany and this will make our family of locomotives even fitter for the future,” states Dr. h.c. Hans M. Schabert, CEO, Vossloh AG.

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