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RVRZ produced the 1,000-th railcar for UWC

Roslavl Railcar Repair Plant (RVRZ, a subsidiary of RTK) has produced the 1,000-th innovative railcar for  “United Wagon Company” (RPC UWC), since the certificate of conformity receipt in the first quarter of 2014. In 2015, RVRZ is planning to supply the fleet of more than 1.5 thousand railcars for UWC.

The milestone car being a part of batch of 60 universal gondolas is heading off to the transportation company “Vostok1520” (which is the part of the UWC holding) for coal transportation from the Kuznetsk Basin to the ports of the Far East and the NorthWest of Russia. This rolling stock batch consists of the drop-bottom gondolas with unloading gates of 12-9853 modification equipped with Barber bogies with an axle load of 25 tf. These cars have improved technical and economic characteristics, allowing the significant increase of fleet turnaround and the reduction the tariff charge growth due to higher load capacity and rate schedule of empty-run.

“Our production partnership with “United Wagon Company” is a significant forward step for us. In cooperation with the UWC, we develop both our technology and production level and our quality control system. The mass transition to innovative railcars is dictated by rail traffic participants’ desire to work more effectively. This innovative rolling stock is the thing of the future, and we are happy to work for further extension together with the UWC”, stated Yuri Chernyak, CEO of “Roslavl Railcar RepairPlant”.

Andrey Krivchenkov, executive director of “TradeHouse “United Wagon Company”, said: “For the moment “Roslavl Railcar Repair Plant” is the leading car building manufacturer. The 1,000-th innovative car production proves it as well. We are glad that our companies cooperate and that we have a high level of teamwork in the matter of innovative car building development in the territory of “1520 gauge”.

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